CPMA Task Force Building Sustainability Principles Initiative for Color Pigments Industry

Centralized platform will address, benchmark efforts around sustainability across the color pigments value chain

March 20, 2023

CPMA recently kicked off its 2023 Sustainability Principles Initiative with the first meeting of its Global Value Chain Task Force, led by Susan Hipsky of Cabot Corporation. The meeting follows completion of the color pigments value chain industry sustainability survey CPMA conducted, in collaboration with the task force, in late 2022.

One key objective of the Sustainability Principles Initiative is to develop a centralized industry value chain sustainability platform, providing sustainability metrics that both emphasize and benchmark the value of color for modern commercial applications. Color pigments are essential components used in highly specialized applications across all industries. The automotive industry, for example is utilizing color pigment applications to develop safety and sustainability protocols in electric vehicles.

The Global Value Chain Task Force is comprised of color pigments industry value chain sustainability leaders (see CPMA website) who contribute unique expertise and passion for building resources companies can use to implement sustainability objectives in their operations. The task force is currently crafting an official mission statement, which will incorporate and address all elements of the value chain, including:

  • Color pigment manufacturers,
  • Importers/distributors,
  • Processors,
  • Converters, and
  • Particularly plastics masterbatch and coatings applications companies.

CPMA’s Sustainability Principles Initiative will also seek solutions to emerging plastics recycling and producer responsibility legislation in Canada and the United States.

Learn more about objectives and activities of CPMA's Global Value Chain Task Force here, and contact David Wawer, CPMA Executive Director, to get involved: davidwawer@cpma.com.

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