Advocacy Overview

CPMA  engages with elected officials, regulatory agencies and stakeholders to communicate the economic and technical impact of proposed laws and regulations on the color pigments industry.

CPMA leverages industry expertise, through its member companies, to provide national and state government agencies with an understanding of the role of color pigments in commerce and throughout the value chain. CPMA establishes public policy coalitions with key customer associations and others to advocate on behalf of the color pigments industry throughout the supply chain. CPMA serves as the recognized information forum for color pigments industry science and technology, and shares this information with government agencies in their regulatory and public policy decision-making deliberations.

CPMA’s engagement with downstream customer trade associations resulted in successful resolution to critical questions related to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) reform legislation. The association continues to monitor and evaluate regulations related to TSCA implementation, including risk assessment, risk prioritization, inventory reset, new chemicals registration, and confidential business information, among others. To achieve positive industry impact and outcomes, CPMA facilitates industry meetings with U.S. and Canadian governments and their respective regulatory agencies.

CPMA develops comprehensive guidance for implementation and compliance with U.S. and Canadian regulations impacting color pigments manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, pigments preparations and dispersions companies. Monthly communications keep members informed to aid with business management and strategies. CPMA Committees, which meet quarterly, provide the forum for color pigments companies to develop strategies and messaging on public policy issues impacting the color pigments industry.