CPMA Fosters Growing Focus on Sustainability Across the Pigments Value Chain

As the importance and scope of sustainability across the chemical industry continues to increase, special attention is being focused on identifying key issues unique to the color pigments value chain.

CPMA’s Global Value Chain Committee was created in 2022 to address regulatory and sustainability issues for the diverse representation of companies throughout the color pigments value chain. These include raw materials suppliers, color pigments manufacturers, pigments dispersion & preparation companies, plastics masterbatch companies, and chemical distributors/importers.

The Global Value Chain Committee Chair is Susan Hipsky, Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager, Cabot Corporation. Committee Vice Chair is Ralph Svenningsen, Ph.D., Director of Quality & Environmental Affairs, DCL Corporation.

CPMA developed a preliminary benchmarking industry sustainability survey for both members and non-members, and survey results and recommendations were presented to the CPMA Board of Governors at its Q3 2022 meeting in September, at the CAD RETEC Conference in Orlando.

A task force will be created under the Global Value Chain Committee, consisting of industry value chain sustainability leaders and practitioners. The Task Force will research sustainability drivers specific to the color pigments industry for the purposes of building a model sustainability framework for relevant companies. This framework may eventually be expanded to include downstream customers in the printing inks, paints & coatings, agriculture, cosmetics, personal care products, and packaging industries.

By focusing on priorities unique to the pigment supply chain and fostering a community of best practices, this added emphasis on sustainability will help CPMA member companies to stay aligned with and be better prepared to meet customer and market needs, and strengthen their ability to offer solutions to advance supply chain and customer goals.

Reach out to CPMA Executive Director David Wawer to become involved with the CPMA Global Value Chain Committee, sustainability efforts and other association-led initiatives in 2023: davidwawer@cpma.com.

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