Sun Chemical Introduces Paliocrom® Satin Gold Pigment

PARSIPPANY, N.J., USA – Sun Chemical has launched Paliocrom® Satin Gold EH 3600 (L 2131), a mid-shade golden aluminum-based effect pigment with distinct satin character, high chroma and extremely smooth appearance.

As Sun Chemical’s first Paliocrom grade offered in a dry supply form, Satin Gold delivers unique color travel, excellent gloss levels and allows for thin film thickness of automotive basecoats due to the small particle size of the passivated, iron oxide coated, aluminum flake substrate.

With a proven track record extending over a quarter of a century, Paliocrom aluminum effect pigments are the ideal choice for modern automotive and high-performance industrial coatings. They provide excellent hiding and extreme saturation suitable in thin film applications for yellow-to-red premium colors.

“We are thrilled to be introducing Satin Gold as part of our Paliocrom family of products,” said Michael Venturini, Marketing Director, Color Materials, Sun Chemical. “Paliocrom pigments are the industry standard and Satin Gold will provide another superior travel and hiding color option for automotive and industrial coatings applications.”

Through advances in digitalization techniques, the full color potential of Paliocrom Satin Gold can be viewed in the “palm of your hand” through the PigmentViewer App which is available for mobile devices in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Explore the full Paliocrom family of products here.

To learn more about DIC/Sun Chemical’s full portfolio of colored and effect pigments, visit Sun Chemical’s Color Materials page.

About Sun Chemical
Sun Chemical, a member of the DIC Group, is a leading producer of packaging and graphic solutions, color and display technologies, functional products, electronic materials, and products for the automotive and healthcare industries. Together with DIC, Sun Chemical is continuously working to promote and develop sustainable solutions to exceed customer expectations and better the world around us. With combined annual sales of more than $8.5 billion and 22,000+ employees worldwide, the DIC Group companies support a diverse collection of global customers.

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