Emerging Plastics Regulations Impacting Thermoplastic Concentrates Companies

Are Thermoplastic Concentrates Companies Positioning Themselves for New Laws Governing Raw Materials, Manufacturing Processes, and Customer End-Use?

The annual AMI Thermoplastic Concentrates Conference convened in Tampa, Florida, January 29-31, to discuss public policy trends affecting plastics products, plastics masterbatch manufacturing, plastics designs, and plastics colorants.

The event featured speakers from industry, government, and legal sectors. Dr. Hanne Jones (AMI) opened the two-day conference with a comprehensive presentation on the global thermoplastic concentrates market including business trends emerging from the post-pandemic period. The event featured a presentation on U.S. state laws and other emerging issues affecting plastics used for food-contact materials from a Washington-DC-based law firm. Legislation and regulations that should be top of mind for plastics masterbatch companies include:

  • plastics recycling
  • extended producer responsibility
  • EPA chemicals risk assessments
  • PFAS regulations and more

The conference also featured technical presentations about a new white pigment, plastics design trends, emerging color-material-finish trends, municipal recycling requirements for plastics, and color development.

CPMA provides its members with regulatory guidance and impact analysis on emerging laws and regulations impacting the color pigments value chain and advocates for public policy solutions. Contact cpma@cpma.com to learn more about CPMA programs and resources for the color pigments industry.


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