NY State Legislation Threatens Printing Ink Industry Innovation and Growth of Sustainable Packaging

The New York State legislature is considering legislation (SB 4246-B/AB 5322-B) that would establish an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program that would place the responsibility of collecting and recycling packaging waste on its producer/manufacturer. This is the state’s third attempt to pass this type of legislation. In the latest version, black printing inks on packaging would be banned.

The currently proposed legislation threatens to hurt consumers by imposing extremely costly layers of regulation that will stifle industry-led innovation, and instead impose new government requirements that accelerate inflation on New York consumers and inhibit communication of important product safety information.

The North American printing ink industry continues to evolve to meet sustainability requirements within the packaging industry and lead innovation towards sustainable packaging that creates long-term benefits for consumers and the environment. A recent Ink World article “Sustainability and the Ink Industry in 2024” describes sustainability and innovation efforts and collaboration between the printing inks and consumer packaging industries.

Industry-led groups, including CPMA, have recommended common-sense, cost-effective solutions that integrate technology innovation such as AI, and expand sustainability for all stakeholders. If enacted into law, the proposed NY legislation would have a devastating impact on consumers and significantly disrupt the color industry value chain. Contact CPMA to learn more about the proposed legislation, potential impact for your company and how to get engaged!



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