Global Metals Associations Describe Key Sustainability Objectives for North American Color Industry Value Chain Leaders

March 30, 2024

CPMA kicked off its 2024 Global Metals Industry Trends Webinar Series earlier this month. In the first session held on March 12, Susannah McLaren, Head of Responsible Sourcing & Sustainability, Cobalt Institute and Eric Van Genderen, Director of Environment, Health & Sustainability, International Zinc Association, shared their expert insights on latest trends impacting these metals sectors, including sustainability, emerging regulations and supply chain issues. Eric provided a comprehensive overview of his global organization’s sustainability drivers and metrics. His presentation described the IZA raw materials sustainability project with applicability to color pigments manufacturers, importers, distributors, processors and converters, and plastics masterbatch companies. Susannah described sustainability influencers and priority objectives for cobalt producers and processors, along with opportunities for engagement and collaboration from downstream customer industries. In addition, the 2024 Cobalt Congress will be taking place in New York on May 13-14.

The 2024 Global Metals Industry Trends Webinar Series is hosted by CPMA’s Inorganic Pigments Committee, led by Committee Chair Gary Strassell, of the Shepherd Color Company and Vice Chair Yani Gao of Heubach Group. Future 2024 webinars will feature sustainability trends presentations from various international metal associations. These webinars are open to CPMA companies, their suppliers, and customers, as well as color industry value chain guests.

This webinar series is designed for color industry value chain leaders to learn about the latest sustainability trends and best practices from global metals associations. By engaging with these associations, CPMA members can gain insights into the environmental, regulatory, and economic challenges and opportunities facing the metals industry, which is a key source of raw materials for color pigments.

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