Future Regulatory Challenges for Benzenamine and the Global Value Chain

EPA’s proposal to prioritize Benzenamine for risk evaluation will create significant regulatory challenges for manufacturers and importers of specific color pigments, including CI Pigment Violet 19. CPMA’s experience with the TSCA risk evaluation and risk management for CI Pigment Violet 29 (2017-2023), indicates that companies using Benzenamine as a raw material will be subject to EPA regulatory scrutiny, including requirements for expensive toxicological data studies.

Many manufacturers and importers of CI Pigment Violet 19 are Asian companies, according to CPMA research. Chinese and Indian manufacturers, as well as their US importers/distributors, will face comprehensive regulatory requirements from EPA.

CPMA’s expertise with the CI Pigment Violet 29 risk evaluation process establishes the association as an expert partner for Asian manufacturers for navigating through the complex EPA risk evaluation regulatory process just over the horizon. Contact us at cpma@cpma.com for more information about CPMA industry resources and advocacy programs for companies engaged in business in North America.

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