Blog: The Value of the Pigments Raw Materials Data Handbook – A Technical Guide to Pigments Applications

Blog | The Pigments Raw Materials Data Handbook: A Technical Guide to Pigments Applications for Printing Inks, Paints & Coatings

Written by David Wawer, Executive Director, CPMA, in collaboration with George Fuchs, Director of Regulatory Affairs and Technology, NAPIM

  • Have consumer products companies asked your company to innovate an existing pigment product to address specific consumer product sustainability objectives?
  • Have plastics masterbatch or dispersions/preparations companies discovered technical challenges that require in-depth review of  product formulations?
  • Have you received inquiries from industry value chain customers about perceived regulatory challenges?

The Pigments Raw Materials Handbook, a joint-venture project of CPMA and NAPIM, provides pigments industry sales, marketing and technical employees with concise pigments formulations technical information to better serve customers’ changing demands and requirements. The Handbook was first developed in 1983 and updated in 2000 and again in 2018. It contains data tables for organic and inorganic pigments used by printing inks and coatings industries. There is a section devoted to spectral curves and chemical names organized by pigments class. Data sheets for each pigment include information such as physical data, identity data, regulatory data, color permanence, fastness data, and applications data.   No other publication on pigments provides this depth, scope and precision.

This Handbook is a “Bible” for pigments chemistry, product formulations, and research and development that should be part of every technical manager and R&D manager’s company library. The Handbook should also serve as pigments chemistry 101 training for new company employees.

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