Color Marketing Group Announces 2021+ Key Colors

Tatiana Letcheva  |  January 6, 2020

Color Marketing Group Announces 2021+ Key Colors: North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific


Sharon Griffis
Executive Director


Alexandria, VA – Color Marketing Group, the leading association of color design professionals, have announced the forecasted key colors at their 2019 International Summit in Tucson, AZ for North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

The key colors as introduced by region are:

North America, "Mist" - Its pale blue hue, touched with a whisper of toned grey and minimal chroma, is spirited in its lightness. The color exudes optimistic confidence and the hopeful resolve to achieve personal and societal goals. Look for Mist to be used within the fashion, interiors, paint, consumer electronics, consumer good, and transportation spaces.

For more information about North America's 2021 Key Color, Mist, visit


Latin America, "Renacer- A highly saturated violet that connects nature and spirituality, Renacer's red and blue core represent femininity and masculinity that suggest the energy of forward movement. Look for Renacer to be used within the visual, communication, and fashion industries.

For more information about Latin America's 2021 Key Color, Renacer, visit


Europe, "Raison d'etre" - This color is earthy yet synthetic as a mid-range tan with a slight violet undertone that suggests both the natural and artificial worlds. As Raison d'etre is a color of balance to see lifestyles and the world on its many levels, it will be used within any industry, depending on the given effect; matte, sparkly, or metallic.

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Asia Pacific, "Uni Coral- As a strong hybrid of orange and red, Uni Coral is a color of extreme happiness that inspires both fun and the need for action. This energetic, glowing color will be used in fashion, sporting equipment, toys, and decorative home products industries.

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