TSCA Chemicals Risk Evaluations Increase Liabilities for Pigments Manufacturers, Importers, Processors, and Converters

CPMA’s July TSCA Regulatory Update webinar revealed that companies in the North American color pigments value chain, as well as their customers, will incur new costs and new compliance requirements…MORE >

CPMA Executive Director David Wawer Meets with AATCC Executive Director Diana Wyman

CPMA Executive Director Dave Wawer recently visited with American Association of Textile Chemists & Colorists Executive Director Diana Wyman at AATCC Headquarters in Raleigh, NC. Ms. Wyman provided an overview about resources of AATCC Technical Laboratories and their positive impacts for textile products research and development.

U.S. Color Pigments Industry Value Chain Feels Impacts of Broader Chemical Industry Conditions

The regulatory landscape for color pigments manufacturing, pigments processing, and pigments conversion companies is about to become more complicated – and costly – due to broader chemical industry policies and…MORE >

CPMA Task Force Building Sustainability Principles Initiative for Color Pigments Industry

CPMA’s Global Value Chain Task Force is developing a centralized industry sustainability platform, addressing increasing need for metrics and resources around implementation of sustainability objectives by companies.

CPMA Fosters Growing Focus on Sustainability Across the Pigments Value Chain

As the importance and scope of sustainability across the chemical industry continues to increase, special attention is being focused on identifying key issues unique to the color pigments value chain….MORE >

CPMA Continues Efforts to Correct EPA’s Risk Evaluation Process

Written by David Wawer, Executive Director, CPMA What exactly are the impacts of EPA’s risk evaluation and risk management processes for color pigments on the North American supply chain? The…MORE >

Outlook from Eurocolour International Technical Conference: European Regulators Continue to Drive Aggressive Agenda

The following is a recap of the 2022 Eurocolour International Technical Conference Written by David Wawer, Executive Director, CPMA After an absence of two years, the Eurocolour International Technical Conference…MORE >

Pigments and Dyes – The Chemistries Are Not the Same

Written by David Wawer, Executive Director, CPMA A recent surge in announcements by a variety of researchers show the discovery of  alternative, non-traditional methods to producing pigments. Some of the…MORE >

Global Supply Chain Challenges Impacting Color Pigments Value Chain

Global supply chain challenges impacting color pigments value chain By David Wawer, Executive Director, Color Pigments Manufacturers Association Article originally appears in SOCMA’s Specialty Insights, 5th Edition, Standard Issue, page…MORE >

Blog: CPMA Presence Felt at the 2021 Eastern Coatings Show

CPMA Executive Director Dave Wawer attended the Eastern Coatings Show – the largest regional coatings show in the U.S. – in Atlantic City, New Jersey, November 17-19. Wawer participated in industry discussions…MORE >