NY State Legislation Threatens Printing Ink Industry Innovation and Growth of Sustainable Packaging

The New York State legislature is considering legislation (SB 4246-B/AB 5322-B) that would establish an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program that would place the responsibility of collecting and recycling packaging…MORE >

The 2024 Edition of the Pigments Data Handbook is Now Available Online

March 5, 2024 A Comprehensive Reference Guide to Regulatory and Technical Data for Pigments Used in Inks and Coatings Applications Arlington, VA – The 2024 Pigments Raw Materials Data Handbook…MORE >

Global Metals Associations Describe Key Sustainability Objectives for North American Color Industry Value Chain Leaders

March 30, 2024 CPMA kicked off its 2024 Global Metals Industry Trends Webinar Series earlier this month. In the first session held on March 12, Susannah McLaren, Head of Responsible…MORE >

Future Regulatory Challenges for Benzenamine and the Global Value Chain

EPA’s proposal to prioritize Benzenamine for risk evaluation will create significant regulatory challenges for manufacturers and importers of specific color pigments, including CI Pigment Violet 19. CPMA’s experience with the…MORE >

Emerging Plastics Regulations Impacting Thermoplastic Concentrates Companies

Are Thermoplastic Concentrates Companies Positioning Themselves for New Laws Governing Raw Materials, Manufacturing Processes, and Customer End-Use? The annual AMI Thermoplastic Concentrates Conference convened in Tampa, Florida, January 29-31, to…MORE >

CPMA Elects New Officers, Reflects on Evolution of Color Pigments Industry at Annual Meeting

As originally published in Coatings World and Ink World, Februrary 1, 2024 The Color Pigments Manufacturers Association (CPMA) held its Annual Meeting on Dec. 5, 2023 at Sun Chemical’s headquarters in Cincinnati, OH….MORE >

Next Five Substances for Prioritization Under TSCA: Potential Regulatory Challenges for Organic Pigments Manufacturers, Importers, and Distributors

In December 2023, USEPA announced that it intends to prioritize five chemical substances for Risk Evaluation under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) in 2024. If these chemicals are designated…MORE >

CPMA Holds Fall Meeting at 2023 CAD RETEC

As originally published in Coatings World and Ink World, October 25, 2023 CPMA Expands Membership, Discusses Regulatory Challenges and Sustainability Initiative The Color Pigments Manufacturers Association (CPMA) held its Fall Meeting on…MORE >

Navigating Compliance with PFAS Laws and Regulations in the US, Canada and Europe: Avoiding Disruptions in Supply Chains and Customer Markets

Earlier this month, CPMA and Eurocolour, held a two-part webinar series on current and emerging PFAS regulations in the US, Canada and the EU, and potential impacts for companies in…MORE >

PFAS Laws & Regulations: Business Impacts for Color Pigments Manufacturers & Importers, Converters & Processors

In November, CPMA will conduct a two-part Regulatory Webinar Series focused on current and proposed PFAS chemicals laws and regulations, with in-depth analysis describing their impacts on the color pigments…MORE >